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Monday Monday

I’m not sure why people dread Mondays. They’re beginnings! A new start to a new week. A new chance to meet your weekly goals and strive toward being a little better than the day before.

Yesterday at church, our pastor, who also owns the baseball league my grandson plays in, took him aside and commended him on his hit. It was after coming to one of Ayden’s games that Pastor J told my daughter he had just the team for Ayden to actually learn baseball.

For the first few weeks of practice and games, his anxiety was riding high, and he has an anxiety disorder, so it’s always an issue for him. I took him to practice last Wednesday so my daughter could spend time with her daughters. There were only six kids there and he got some great batting instruction. By the end, he had hit about a dozen balls.

So it didn’t surprise me that he got a hit. The coach came over to my daughter twice during the game. Once to tell her that Ayden was okay from the hit he took from a pitch, and another because I think he was as excited as we were that Ayden got a hit. I give Pastor J credit, he’s got some great coaches!

The rest of the day was as I anticipated. I did my weekly review, laid out the month of September, ugly as it is, and then did my weekly layout for this week.

I am excited about my wins, which included hitting my shop goals, starting to read a book that isn’t digital (I’m a HUGE Audible listener!) and working on my vision board.

A few weeks ago, I put together a little journal that I just call “life”. Inside, I created a ‘small adventure’ list, which includes things like creating a vision board, reading a physical copy book, taking a daytrip somewhere close by, and so on. So, while those things don’t seem exciting to you, I’m knocking things off of a small adventure bucket list and that excites me!

My challenges for last week were exercising, reading the Bible, doing client work, and spending time in my Etsy shop every day. While I hope to do better at the last one this week, it’s not looking good for today.

What I learned was that I like my new planning system better and that I am able to stay focused with it. I also learned that I love meal prep! It makes dinnertime so much less stressful!

So I go into this week with hope that I will hit all of my goals and work on my small adventure items too. We’ll see. Tonight, I’m babysitting my youngest granddaughter and she likes to be busy, just like her momma. I’ve already gotten a text that says, “Tonight you’re going to Chick-fil-A for dinner, then to Target, then she wants to play games, bake cookies, and take a bath”. I texted back, “Exactly how long will you be gone??”

We’ll see what happens. It’s hard to tell her no because she has a lot of battles for someone so young.

I’m off to be productive! Happy Monday! What’s on your agenda this week?

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