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Get Right to It!

Some days, you just need to get up and get right to it. Whatever it is. For me, today anyway, it was up with my sneakers laced and out the door by 7:15 a.m. for my morning walk. I’ve been having trouble getting motivated this year, probably because I’m having so many issues with my foot.

Aaaanannnyway, I got up and out. It was a brisk 54 degrees when Charli and I set out for our two miles, but I was still sweaty by the time we got back. I love that our August is so cool. The older I get, the less I enjoy the immense heat of summer.

But my get to it attitude extended to my Etsy shop. I’ve set monthly goals for myself and I originally feared they were too ambitious, but I’m loving the product creation so much that I may exceed my own goal, at least this month.

The problem was that I almost forgot to talk to you this morning, but then I remembered, so all is well.

Yesterday was what I like to refer to as a zero productivity day, although that isn’t very descriptive because I actually did accomplish some things. The thing that cut my productivity was going grocery shopping.

I find that, as a work-at-home individual, I have my best days when I get up and get right to my work. I do even better if I start with a walk or bike ride. No idea why. You’d think that the workout would wear me out, but it doesn’t. It’s actually in tune with my morning routine so it feels familiar and comfortable.

If you find yourself in the middle of life, as I am, and you’re still working, I recommend that you develop some sort of routine. My foot issues of the last year really sidelined my routine and I’ve struggled to regain control of it again.

Routines are good and bad. They help you maintain good habits and keep you on track, but they also don’t allow your brain to work much. Sometimes, it’s good to change your routine a little, just to get your mind to wake up and pay attention. Change where you get your morning coffee or your route to work if you don’t work at home. If you do, change up something else, like the path you take on your morning walk.

You can further your effort by doing what Brian Tracy calls eating the frog. This means tackling the project you least want to do first. It might be a project that’s really big or just a task you don’t enjoy. Whatever it is, get it done first.

I didn’t do that this morning, so I’ll do it right after lunch. By doing this task first, you get the dreaded work out of the way and you have a big win to stand on for the rest of the day. I got my win by getting two new products listed first thing this morning. That shop is my priority right now, so that was a big deal for me!

So get to it today – whatever that is. Whether it’s your exercise routine, a task you don’t enjoy, or your daily work regimen. Get to it!

What do you have trouble doing every day? What’s your frog?

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