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Busy Days are Saturdays

Today it begins. Baseball actually started last week, but this week begins the major scheduling conflicts of my autumn weeks.

The twins have a softball game at 1 and Ayden has a game at 1:45. I want to see both, and I hope I get to see some good ball today!

Yesterday turned out to be a great idea day. I took tons of notes on products to include in my Zazzle shop and also my Etsy shop. I got a lot of stuff done in my shops yesterday, which is good because there won’t be a ton of productivity today.

I love sports and I had a blast watching one of the twins play softball last summer. Her team ended up winning their championship, which made it doubly exciting! She had an awesome coach and this time, the coach’s husband is her coach. I think maybe they trade off coaching their older daughters.

The only down-side to todays activities is that it’s hot and humid, so loads of water is required.

Yesterday, Mom had lunch with my youngest brother. He’s a horse of a different color, literally. He’s covered his body with tattoos, which I find to be immensely unattractive, but it’s his body, not mine. She went in loaded for bear, ready to tell him that he needs to sell his house and get a rental. She subsidizes their living and right now, they have a four-bedroom home for them and her son. Much more square footage than needed.

But I know my brother and I’m quite frankly surprised that it went as well as it did. I could see it getting ugly, but it didn’t.

All in all, when I think about the events of any given day around here, there seem to be a million different little things going on all at once. It’s like a three-ring circus where I’m the ringleader but the rings are always changing, sometimes too quickly to keep up.

The best news of Friday was that I hit my August goals for both of my shops! WOOHOO! In the past, I haven’t been great at hitting my goals, but I seem to be staying on track, in spite of everything going on around me.

The best news about today is that it’s the last Saturday without college football for the foreseeable future!

Best to get on with this day! Do you find yourself being pulled in different directions throughout the day?

What'cha thinkin?