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Arm Yourself for Success

You hear your parents say it, and maybe you’ve even said it to someone else, but how often to you say it to yourself?

Attitude is everything!

Last night, I stumbled upon a Pinterest pin that I found to be quite intriguing, but it’s an addition to the self-improvement moves I’ve been making over the last month.

The idea is to set aside time once a day, at whatever time is convenient for you, to do a stream of consciousness writing exercise. She suggested three pages, but I determined two was enough for me. She said it took her thirty minutes and that’s how long two pages took me. I was anxious to get on with my exercise and walk, so I felt like thirty minutes was sufficient.

Of course, that’s the great thing – you can make your own rules for however this fits into your day. I chose to get up and do it first thing, but doing it right before bed would also work.

But what does that have to do with attitude? The stream of consciousness writing helped me sort of get stuff out of my head and put other stuff in. I came away from it with a can-do attitude. I allowed my thoughts to just flow. If someone were to read it they would think I’m a terrible writer, which I am not.

As things flow, one thought moves you to another and I found myself writing about my challenges with healthy eating. I finished up with a few affirmations and I felt armed and ready.

I came into my office and was already able to check two things off of my list for today – a two-mile walk, which was actually 2.1 miles, and cleaning the bathroom counter. Check and check.

And THAT is part of going into the day with a positive attitude. Check off a couple of small things that you can do to set the tone for the day.

I’m an advocate for planning your day before you go to bed the night before. For me, it helps me focus on any appointments or activities that might be happening so I know how to tackle the remainder of the day.

Today, for example, Mom has a CAT scan and needs to arrive in forty-five minutes. I have my coffee and I thought that was a perfect time to write to you, so here I am. When I return from dropping her off (it’s a mile or so away), I will get busy doing the real work of the day. I should be able to get in one more task on my list before it’s time to pick her up.

So my attitude today is motivated, determined, and positive. My biggest hurdle is eating healthy, as it is every day. I’m off to a good start, but it’s only 8:45. Still, attitude is everything and as long as I stay determined, I should do well.

I’ve also been writing three gratitude statements at the end of each day. This is another great way to make sure you’re operating with a positive attitude. I’m not generally a negative Nelly anyway, but I find that reminding myself that there are great things in my life can’t hurt!

It’s Wednesday and so far this week, I’ve hit my important goals of adding products to my two shops. I didn’t walk yesterday due to waking up with a massive headache, but Mom and I rode our bikes last night. Between that and walking Charli four times yesterday, I got some exercise.

How do you get your morning started? I’m shooting for adding this stream of consciousness writing to the beginning of mine, as well as an eight-minute exercise routine I found, I think also on Pinterest, followed by what was once first – my two-mile walk. Then, I come home and make coffee, get in the shower, do any spot cleaning in the bathroom, get breakfast, and head back to my office to begin the work day.

I’m so excited to move through today! I know it’s going to be a great day and I can’t wait to experience it!

So, I ask you again. How do you get your morning started?

What'cha thinkin?