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Ahh Sunday, a Day of Rest?

More like there’s no rest for the wicked this Sunday!

My oldest grandson just began his seventh grade year. He’s an awesome kid but he also makes a great teenager, and if you’ve ever had teenagers, you know what I mean!

Anyway, he loves paying baseball, but he also has a form of severe anxiety called Selective Mutism. He overcame the inability to talk part of it years ago, but he’s still a very anxious young man. This makes playing a sport where all eyes are on you while you bat a very trying activity. I give him credit for stepping up to the plate every time he does because I know he’s terrified.

After summer ball, the pastor of our church, who is also a good friend, suggested that he could get Ayden onto an elite team where he would truly learn skills and become more comfortable playing. The cost was astronomical, but we made it happen and his first games were Sunday. Unfortunately, he had to be there for the first one by 8ish. That meant I pulled Grandma duty at a very early 7:30, leaving my house by 7:15-7:20.

The girls and I went to the second game, which started at 11:15. Originally, we were going to take lunch, but we decided the game wouldn’t be that long so we held off. They got absolutely obliterated in the first game, something like 18-0.

The second game wasn’t much better, but in their defense, the team they played in the second game was a true elite travel team of boys a full year older, twelve to eighteen inches taller, and stronger. The result was similar, but their coaches are awesome and they’ll be okay.

By the time the game was over, however, we were all hot and miserable. Temperatures in the mid eighties with high humidity had Jaime and I plannng our attack for the following week’s games. She ordered a large umbrella/tent thing that we could use for shade, and as it turns out, protection from foul balls, and I dug out our soft-side cooler with a pull-out handle. She also ordered a wagon.

I’m sure, this Saturday, we’ll still find we need something or another to make it bearable for the girls, but we’re a few steps closer!

After the game, we got lunch and then I came home for a much needed shower. The remainder of the day was quiet. I had dinner with my two younger daughters because Mom wasn’t really hungry and Mark wasn’t coming.

It was a hectic day, and week two of us all missing church, but since our pastor is the one who suggested this team, I didn’t think he had much room to complain 🙂

We’ll be back next week!

What’s your typical Sunday like? I have a vision of a completely different Sunday and maybe some day, that vision will come true, but for now, I roll with what’s in front of me.

What'cha thinkin?