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A Day to Review

Sundays for me are about reviewing the week prior and planning for the week ahead. I take a long look at my schedule and lay it all out on paper. I do a weekly spread in my planner and get everything down in one place.

Then, I review my goals and see where I am, overall. I set goals for the week and make sure I hae all of the appointments set.

Today has an added bonus because it’s the beginning of a new month later in the week, so I want to look at the month as a whole so I can get a handle on things.

One of the things I enjoy is going back over the week to find the wins, challenges, and learning moments. This helps me understand what course corrections I need to make.

For example, last Sunday, my wins were meal prepping, getting products listed, and staying focused. My challenges were fitting everything in, my continued weight battle, and getting distracted too easily.

Those challenges lead to what I learned, which was to let go of something in my schedule that wasn’t as important as other things, but something I kept trying to fit in anyway. I dropped it from my schedule, for now. I also wasn’t liking the way I was laying out my planner, so I tried a new style for the week upcoming.

I also choose a word for the week, and my word for last week was FOCUS.

Once I’m done with the review, I lay out the week ahead on one spread. I note the goals I have for the month and week, as well as identifying appointments. Then I fill in the remainder of the space with the tasks I need to complete toward those goals.

I find this system to be immensely helpful, when I do it. I’m trying to stick with it because the review itself is helpful in making any changes I need to make.

By taking the time to evaluate wins and challenges, I give myself a chance to do better in the upcoming week, and I usually do. Of course, it’s like playing whack-a-mole. You punch down one challenge and another pops up, but that’s how life works. Just keep whacking!

The baseball games were fun. It was the first softball experience for one of the twins and I know she struggled. She was having growing pains in her ankles, so running wasn’t really her thing and they got her out at home plate. She was disappointed, but my daughter said she proclaimed she had a great time at the end of the game!

I left that game as soon as they had both batted and come in from being on base. I headed to my grandson’s game and arrived just in time to hear the thunk of a player being hit by a pitch. Then, I realized it was him! He took one right to the shoulder blade. He took his base and seemed fine.

But the best part came on his next at bat. He swung and nailed that ball. Unfortunately, he hit a line drive to the pitcher and they got him out, but I think it’s only his second or third time hitting in a game. I was so proud of him!

I love that I get to see my grandchildren doing things, and I’m so thankful that they all live close enough for me to even have the scheduling problem each of the next seven or eight Saturdays will present. For me, it’s a little escape from the stress of caring for parents.

Today, church, then my weekly review and setup!

How do you spend your Saturdays?

What'cha thinkin?