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Well Hello!

Hello! It’s my pleasure to welcome you inside my head because when you get right down to it, that’s what you’ll find here. This site was going to be my reward for a job well… Read More »Well Hello!

Work at Home Tips

Today, since my life was relatively calm yesterday, I thought we would talk about some work at home tips. I’ve been self-employed for nearly ten years, but I’ve worked at home for almost thirty years.… Read More »Work at Home Tips

Monday Monday

I’m not sure why people dread Mondays. They’re beginnings! A new start to a new week. A new chance to meet your weekly goals and strive toward being a little better than the day before.… Read More »Monday Monday

A Day to Review

Sundays for me are about reviewing the week prior and planning for the week ahead. I take a long look at my schedule and lay it all out on paper. I do a weekly spread… Read More »A Day to Review